Tony Amicangelo
The bass man, being one half of the foundation (rhythm section) of an entire band, is something you have to be able to accept.  In the blues, maybe more than most types of
music, the bass and the drums hold everything together.

There might be slight mishaps during the night that a
soloist may make and it goes unnoticed but if the bass
wavers even slightly, the entire band goes down.  That is
the responsibility that all blues bassists have to
shoulder for every performance.

Tony not only answers that responsibility but is able to
embellish on the raw bass patterns while still able to
drive the band.  Night after night, Tony keeps the
grooves rolling and smooth.  The success of a blues
band can usually be measured by the soul feelings of the
bass man.
This is where Millie Street attains it's appeal and solid

Being the son of Ray Amicangelo, music ability is in the
blood and in the heart.  With a couple of lessons from
one of the best bass players ever, (his Uncle Paul
Amicangelo) and study of Rick Clark from Boilerhouse
Blues Band , Tony walks Millie Street through the songs
and grooves like the seasoned leader he is....
From the heart... One note at a time
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