Millie Street
The Story
The idea for the name "Millie Street" comes from a small little house on the
north side of Iron Mountain, Michigan.
Many years ago, a musically inclined father of 3 decided that music was the way out of the mines or factories for his 2 sons.  With constant monitoring their
musical abilities, he instilled the fact that if you were to be good at your craft,
you had to be the best at not only playing but feeling the music too. These 2
sons were Ray and Paul Amicangelo.  The father was Gasperino. They along with sister Phyllis and mother Irma lived at 426 Millie Street.

After a long and highly successful musical career, these ideals and values that
served Ray and Paul for so many years, were passed along to the rest of the family. Now their children have decided to keep the music legacy going on. With Tony, Paul and Dave, all offspring of this amazing family of artisans, have grouped with some of the best musicians to make a new blues entity.

Blues, Jazz and Rock music are the background of these fellows.  From being
students of Ray Amicangelo to self taught artists, this new group believes in
"one" total sound.  All that really counts is leaving everything the performer's
has on stage by the end of the night. The importance of expending all of the
performers energy is that those in the crowd, have taken their special recreational time off their busy schedule, and devoted that time to listen to the band.  It's only fair that the music returns the faith of the crowd in its performance.
These ideals are alive in Millie Street with soulful harp, solid rhythm section,
stellar guitar and powerful vocals.  The dynamics are strong and meaningful.
The night is as it should be.......

Like it was taught in 426 Millie Street.
This is the actual insert of the storm door from
the home on Millie Street.  The numbers are 24 k
gold leaf and the rest is chromed. This will be
along on all of the gigs for you to stop by and see.
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