Pauly Amicangelo
This hot member of Millie Street means "Hot Harp".
As a master of the straight harp, he holds his own no matter where he is playing.
Pauly has played with several groups and also as a guest of Boilerhouse Blues Band. He's also taken the stage as an opening act for Ted Nugent and many more.

Most harp players go to their graves not learning the
importance of phrasing and dynamics. Pauly is a
master of these along with exact intonation and just
"plain old class". 
Always from the heart, Paul puts meaning to each and every note.  It's amazing how he connects with the crowd pulling on their heart strings with his riffs.

Being the son of Ray Amicangelo, Pauly was exposed
to music at a high level at a very young age.
Perfection was the only way music was to be played.
Hard work and constant practicing perfected his craft
and continues to grow each time out. 
Working the crowd being wireless, Pauly adds another point of interest to the show. Exchanging riffs ( cutting heads) with the guitar, keyboard or vocalist makes for a night to remember.

Pauly's sound  is always clear and perfectly balanced. This is an art form all in its own.  Pauly's laying it down every time out... Great today, better tomorrow...
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