David 'Big Pipes' G
Vocals and Guitar
Dave is celebrating his 45th year performing. Getting his start
at a tender age of 6 years old performing with his uncles, the
Ray Amicangelo Trio, Dave has learned to only play with the
best.   Singing and being a front man for a group are two
different jobs. Both need practice and lots of concentration.
Adding some guitar work creates even more strain for the night.
"That's why you can only do this well by surrounding yourself
with the best musicians", says Dave. Recently being the front
man/lead vocalist with the Blackhound Moon Band, GT, Deep Water Reunion, Boilerhouse Blues band and now Millie Street, he has been surrounded with nothing but the best. While with Boilerhouse, they produced a hot CD that has aired in 26 countries. Dave penned a majority of the tunes and has himself played on 2 continents and has also been included on 9 CD's to date.

From his earliest times with his uncles, Ray and Paul
Amicangelo, Dave was trained with ethics so high that he was able to produce a professional act from the very beginning.
Mentored by his uncles and Mother, Phyllis, music soon
became his life. Enter in one of the worlds best children's voice
teacher by luck, Henry Leck, Dave has learned the ability to
dynamically change with the band and together, put on a
mesmerizing show with tremendous power and unique
phrasing. None of this can be accomplished without strong
support from the band and family and having both together, it's
a dream come true.
Dave only plays
Curt Mangan "Pure Nickel" guitar strings for his special tone delivered form a '77 Les Paul through a 1965 Gretch  that was his Uncle's amp and now back to service.
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