Dan Bixby
Dan Bixby is a great addition to the Millie Street Band.  Dan's style of Blues is a fine mix of Texas and Chicago style guitar playing with his own stamp of flare.  The key to a guitar solo is that it says "something".  In other words, a true "from the heart" passage that sticks in your head after the song is done.  This true Bluesman has numerous years as a guitar teacher, teaching all ages not only the Blues but all forms of music.  This brings a unique vocabulary to his solos and tasty rhythms. 
Dan is a song writer of note having 2 tunes thus far being published along with having one of his tunes being featured in the T.V. hit, Miami Vice.  Dan's addition to Millie Street brings a new soul along with some vintage Fender Custom Shop guitars that he playes with a true feeling that will keep you humming his solo's long after you leave the show.
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