Anthony Amicangelo
A new era begins......
Not only in the Blues but the famed Amicangelo musical family.  Anthony, just beginning his career as a guitarist is laying it down like a seasoned pro.  Being 16, he plays and handles himself as a long time vet of the stage.  Solos building on each song, Anthony mixes some Classic Rock to some classic Blues styles.  All the time he's being honest with the crowd. 
Starting out his young career as a Protege pianist, Anthony was thrust into the guitar because of an opening for an extra voice in his Dad's band, Millie Street.   Being given less than 2 weeks notice, he was up and running with "The Big Dog's". 
Anthony's style and musicianship makes for a proud father (Tony Amicangelo...Bass) is his father and Dave (Vocals/Guitar) is Tonys cousin and Pauly Amicangelo is his Uncle.  All of this bring back to a full circle as they all recieved the gene pool from Gasperino Amicangelo and Anthony's Grandfather, Ray Amicangelo (please see
The Bands Story).
The future is wide open for this young man and it will be a remarkable one.  His modesty is equal to his advanced learning curve.  Once said.... "Any one can play the Blues, only a few can play it right!"  Anthony is one of those few.  Catch his performance live.  It's something to behold.
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